November 4, 2009

I just did a library search on the words “chromite,” “model,” “chromium,” and “intrusion” using the Full Text function and MY OWN PAPER CAME UP AS THE 1ST REFERENCE!!!! 

Except my thesis was not really about that subject matter.  There was an aspect of it that applied, but the project I’m working on is quite different.

But how cool is that?  

I suppose next time, though, I should use Keyword as the search mechanism so that I get more relevant papers.

Still … weird.


Officially Published

August 29, 2009

I received notification yesterday that the work I did for my master’s has been published in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta: Vol. 73, pp. 5793-5819!!!!!  The official citation is:

Ruth F. Schulte, Manuel Schilling, Ryo Anma, James Farquhar, Mary F. Horan, Tsuyoshi Komiya, Philip M. Piccoli, Lynnette Pitcher, Richard J. Walker (2009) Chemical and chronological complexity in the convecting upper mantle: Evidence from the Taitao ophiolite, southern Chile.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta: Vol. 73, pp. 5793-5819

This is an amazing feat considering I gave birth to my oldest during the first year of graduate school and became pregnant with my second toward the end.  I was in my first trimester and suffering morning sickness when I flew to Tokyo to select appropriate rock samples from the Taitao ophiolite in southern Chile.  It was cheaper to fly to Tokyo and collaborate with my Japanese colleagues than to organize an expedition to Patagonia.  Given that I was pregnant I could not take any medication to help me sleep on the 16-hour plane ride nor could I indulge in the sushi and shashimi for which Japan is renown.  Other than that, my time in Japan was amazing and my hosts were utterly gracious.

Somewhat later, after my first daughter was born, my mother took a cruise around Tierra del Fuego and up along the coast of Chile that brought her closer to my site than I had ever been.  The irony was only slightly bitter.  But while my explorer days were less than glamorous I accomplished the task set before me.  Dutiful person that I am, I simply took one step after another and eventually reached my destination.  For me, this publication is a testimony to my resilience in the face of many challenges, the most difficult being the adjustment to life after the birth of my oldest daughter.

So excuse me while I do a little happy dance …